About us

Blue Ball Co., Ltd, is an IT company with 10 years in the market. We provide products and services that equal or surpass the highest international standards.

Our National Market (Thailand) are Transnational companies doing business in Thailand, and leading Thai companies. Our International Markets are North Europe and Scandinavia (Norway, Finland, Germany and Switzerland), Asia (Japan, Singapore and Malaysia) and America (US, Canada and Mexico).

Our most accomplished industry is manufacturing, where we have served many Japanese transnational companies to develop, implement, support and maintain systems to run some of the most complex business processes in the industry.

Blue Ball’s motto is to deliver and maintain successfully, products and services, through careful analysis, development, implementation and post-sale service, by keeping
expectations realistic and misunderstandings to a minimum using exhaustive clarity and frequent communication.

Tlahui Calva

Lawyer by education and with over 20 years experience doing business in various industries and countries around the world, Tlahui has permed every organization he runs with the ideas of excellence and absolute reliability, and it shows! Blue Ball has never failed to honor a single one of its contracts. He strongly believes in not only “showing his face” when things are going well, but to do so especially when problems arise and his expertise and experience can resolve the stickiest of situations.
Itzco Calva

Wanwisa Utranand

System Engineer from Chiang Mai University with a bachelor of Law from Chulalongkorn, she went through every step of the ladder to get where she is. She uses all her technical and operational abilities to make sure that Blue Ball is a strong, stable company that can deliver on its promises. She keeps open a steady communication channel between Blue Ball and customers, and keeps expectations in check.
Siwawong Wuttipongprasert
Project Director

System Engineer from Chiang Mai University, Siwawong was a diamond in the rough when he joined Blue Ball. He had all the trademarks of a genius: he resolved problems that no one could, his knowledge and vision were well ahead of his peers and he was dead unreliable. Through years of training and experience, Siwawong now shares the vision of our company; he has learned to keep his projects on time, his schedules realistic and his people and customers accountable. Our 90% success project development speak volumes about him. He is an invaluable asset and shareholder of the company.

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