ProLevel (ERP)

ProLevel is a powerful web-based ERP solution to manage your business and empower your sales cycle.

ProLevel is our proprietary business solution. It was designed specifically to answer the needs of companies doing business in Thailand, while keeping to the highest standards of development and architecture.

ProLevel is a safe, modern and efficient system due to its modern architecture and built with the latest technologies. It was inspired by our experience working with some of the biggest Japanese companies in the world for over 10 years.

ProLevel has been deployed successfully in many Japanese and Thais companies working in Thailand as well as in Swiss and German companies doing business in their respective countries.

ProLevel is split in modules that allow for a rapid implementation and customization of our products. This also allow permanent upgrades and updates to keep improving your system.

ProLevel main modules are:

  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Project Cost Control
  • Purchasing

  • Inventory
  • Service Center
  • Accounting Report

Some of the many advantages of ProLevel:

Multiplatform: Multi-platform: Use ProLevel in any OS: iOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome, Android, etc.

Multicompany: Great for managing groups of companies from a single place.

Web-based: Cloud ready: Work from anywhere using your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Samsung, HTC or any other smart device.

Multilanguage: At the moment Thai and English enabled, others can be implemented.

Multicurrency: Manage your transactions in every currency you need. i.e. USD, Euro, Baht, etc.

Super secure: ProLevel has a highly secure architecture to care for your data. Security can be improved according to your specifications and budget.

Proprietary System: ProLevel is our own solution; no open source here.

Adapts to Thai reality: While it can shine in any International environment, it has built up flexibility to be used in countries in Southeast Asia.

Key benefits:

  • 100% Customizable
  • 100% Interfaceable with other systems
  • 100% Deployable in any servers of choice
  • 100% Explandable to include any extra functionality

  • Increased security available
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Customized interlligence reports
  • Blue Ball’s ability to create new modules and workflows

Main modules functionality:


  • Lead
  • Contact
  • Customer account
  • Sales Activities (Tasks) (quotation-account-project, all these can be followed)
  • Opportunities (pre-project)
  • Projects
  • Mission (sales target)
  • Event Reminders