Study Cases

It has been 10 years since we started developing software for all kind of industries. We have served companies in America, Europe, Scandinavia, and Asia.

Every case had its challenges and complexities, but in this area, we analyze some of the projects that were specially challenging to us. Sometimes is the environment in which software will be used, amount of users, sheer responsibility or technological solutions that pushed the grounds of what IT could achieve at the time of development.

These are only examples to show with clarity Blue Ball’s performance, imagination and reliability when others would have failed.

Customer Description:

World largest producer of Memory Flash Cards (at the time of development).

Service description:

Consulting, Architectural Design and System Development.

The System:

Create a fast, efficient system to control the production of Memory Flash Cards samples for customers around the world.


Understand an extremely complex production system and find ways to get new sample’s produced without affecting the rest of the production. We had to reengineer the process in order to make it efficient and error-free. Besides that, there were many details that had to be thought an resolved thoroughly, such as:

  • Each customer required a different quality processes, checking, packing, labeling and shipping.
  • Each product might have had special checking, packaging or labeling depending on materials employed on its fabrications.
  • Each branch of the same customer company had special requirements determined by them or by the country where they were established.*
  • Some processes varied depending on origin of the sample*

*To magnify this problem the conditions are permanently changing as new products are added, country and delivery services rules change and customers request specific procedures.
Failure to comply with any of the required steps will result in failed shipping, damaging Spansion reputation and maybe endangering contracts.

The solution:

Working in close integration with the production engineers and the head of each involved department the possible workflow steps were identified.

It was agreed to start with the main 35 workflows and the necessary ‘tasks’ to match each possible activity, variations according to different sampling, testing and replacement per station were identified and made precise business rules.

Full use of the workflow engine was made to allow complex human interactions; stations could break up a single flow step in multiple events an even process the step on many days without affecting the flow or losing its state.

A set of reports, triggers and alarms were created to help make the operation flow more efficient and avoid ‘forgotten’ samples.

As in every dynamic company the performing roles were subject to changes making also good use of our security framework.

To simplify the task of creating new workflows a master workflow was created that allowed dynamic setting of child flows fully configurable through a simple XML format while keeping the main security and operation constraints as the parent flow: A workflow engine running a flow that run workflows.

Advanced CSS was used to allow printing from browser to match 99.9% the existing documents.

Tools and Technologies:

  • Web system
  • PHP + Oracle
  • Bb framework v.2.0
  • Bb workflow engine
  • Bb security engine

  • Barcode classes
  • Remote printing
  • Advanced CSS
  • Advanced AJAX


After extensive testing of 100% of the cases verifying each step and each report by every involved engineer and head of department the new system was approved and delivered successfully.