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Mission Statement

Blue Ball is dedicated to building strategic business relationships with companies by listening, understanding and helping them bridge the gap between their processes and our systems to make them improve their performance and grow their market and profits by focusing on their Sales and Customer Satisfaction.

Zulu, Mini-ERP
for SMEs companies

Professional management at a price you can afford.

As a small and medium business owner you most likely are lacking the processes and the management skills to tackle the 3 main problems of most SME companies: Cash flow, Low Sales and High Costs, just because the information is a mess inside your company and the responsibilities within your employees aren’t clear.

Zulu is a powerful cloud mini-ERP that will establish processes throughout the company empowering your Sales and linking them to your Inventory, so you can sell more, charge faster and fulfill your orders without mistakes.

The Benefits? What matters most: enough money in your bank account to cover costs and foster growth, increased profits as costs go down and mistakes are reduced dramatically and a customer base that grows because of your improved service.

Do you remember the last time you felt confident, hopeful and in control in your company? If you don’t, or you never did, it is time to try Zulu for free now.

So click on the button below and starting from only 999 Bath feel what it feels to be a professional manager.







Consulting & Implementation Services

Project Management & Pre and Post Customization

We are in the business of helping companies reach their full potential by listening, sharing, helping decide and implementing successfully IT systems.

We do this by taking the Time and Care to listen and understand the habits of production they have developed over time and the systems to control their processes professionally to foster growth.

Blue Ball isn’t your typical consultant. We won’t sit and speak “happy theory” and get our check. We have “real world” know-how and the expertise and experience to implement our recommendations and the systems to support them.

We speak the language of Business and the language of IT and Innovation fluently that is why we can assist Small businesses to become Medium size companies, and Medium Sized companies into Large Enterprises.

As a Thai company with International Standards, we share the culture and the language of our land. We understand the power of great Customer Service and the legendary flexibility of Thai people. At the same time, our commitment and professionalism is assured and won’t be compromised when designing and helping you implement the processes need to grow your business.

So why not schedule an appointment now? We will be delighted to hear from you.


Enterprise Level ERP

Sales Enterprise Level ERP

At its most essential, a company is an organization that processes information. From Sales to Fulfillment, there is a flow of communication that indicates who (department) does what (activities), in time and correctly to reach goals (profitability and growth).

Prolevel is an enterprise level ERP System that focuses on Sales and Inventory Management to ensure the correct flow of information so continuous Growth can be planned and achieved.

Prolevel increases dramatically the levels of efficiency throughout your company, decreasing mistakes due to lack of controls and delivery of information.

Once implemented, Prolevel establishes a professional environment where every employee knows what to do, as well as how, where and when to do it, so efficiency and working satisfaction is achieved and labour cost reduced significantly.
Customer Satisfaction goes through the roof and with that your Market Share, as your company now delivers correctly and in time, no more costly returns.

But none of this matters if we weren’t humane. We love taking the time and care to build relationships with each one of our customers, listening, sharing and bridging the gaps between their current processes and our ERP so they can be successful. They win, we win.

And with 16 years experience, we have a business understanding that separates us from our competition. We have the IT skills, but we know about processes inside out.

And did we mention that Prolevel is technologically unmatched in Thailand and the region? There is simply no other ERP that is as modern and built with the best technology available in the world. Which translates into extraordinary reliability, faster implementation times and the confidence that your investment is time proofed for the next 15 to 20 years.










Microservices Architecture

Prolevel separates the development module into Microservices. Whenever there is a need for enhancements, changes, updates, etc, it will not affect other modules. So, it makes system super stable and lightweight.

For customization this means development time speeds up as the workload can be spread around many programmers that can work separately without interfering or conflicting with each other’s efforts.

Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Asynchronous Process

Database Independent

API Interface


About Us

Due to our profound involvement in the IT industry, we are aware of the lackluster processes still in use when developing IT Software in Thailand. We are also aware and surprised daily by most of the companies overlooking the importance of designing a modern Software Architecture as well as ignoring the best practices for IT development. In Thailand is still rare to find IT providers who implement proper testing and quality coding, or even source control. Not to mention technologies that are being used everyday around the world, yet they haven´´ even been heard of in Thailand. That is why we offer training services to companies interested in implementing best practices to develop systems that are professional, functional updatable and reliable. We have trained through ATSI and privately, companies that were looking to professionalize their Software Development from the moment of writing specifications, to choosing new technologies and modern architecture, to programing and testing and finally delivering systems that are modular, sustainable, easy to update, xxx,xxxx,xxxxx. The days are counted for those who have a couple of programmers sitting and improvising code on the spot. Contact us and get your act together!

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